Amsterdam Consultancy Group

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The Amsterdam Consultancy Group (ACQ) is part of the MAA, a career association that provides a bridge between students in the final phase of their studies and potential employers. The MAA connects students and companies with a shared interest in marketing, management, consultancy, and communication. The MAA seeks to make the next step in a career easier. The ACG committee connects to organizations to provide advice on contemporary issues. The committee selects the companies itself, and they have the unique opportunity to gain practical experience as student consultants. The committee members work with various companies on assignments related to the four pillars of the MAA. If the committee needs more participants, they hire members to join them to solve the assignment. For a non-profit rate, we offer companies the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and new insights.

The student consultants of ACG help organizations with various issues. The exact interpretation depends on the wishes of you as an organization. For example, students can contribute to a brainstorming session or think along about specific strategic issues if the organization wants extra students. If they want, ACG sets out the assignment among its members, after which a selection procedure takes place based on a CV selection, motivation letter, and/or job interview. Otherwise, only the committee is solving the strategic issue.

Companies that preceded you were: the University of Amsterdam, Royal Flora Holland, Nestlé, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Child Phone.

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“Manage the strategy in a team full of creative people.”
“Supervise registrations and own the internal communications”
“Devise and develop a marketing strategy.”
3x Sales
“Step out of your comfort zone and create a professional network.”
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