Brutally honest branding

These days, brands are increasingly deviating from their brand identity and
essence. In a dynamic and digital era where new media and resources are
constantly being added, brands can get lost easily and start doing things that do
not suit them. Eventually they get stuck and do not get any further.

That is where 37ºCelsius comes to the rescue. We realign the organization, with
the brand as a connecting factor. As a strategic brand agency, we help brands to
discover and use their untapped brand potential. We are outspoken, also when
the truth is slightly painful, because we believe only honest feedback helps a
brand move forward.

Our small (but growing) agency is located in the heart of Amsterdam, at
Prinseneiland. With a team of 6 starters, we combine our recent academic
knowledge with Jorge Labadie’s years of experience: both in practice and as a
(former) teacher of branding courses at the University of Amsterdam. We have
worked for and work for a variety of clients such as TU Delft, Den Helder City
Marketing, Boni Supermarkets, the national Library, ICS and Bohn Stafleu van

Our work consists of giving workshops, conducting survey research or interviews,
business development tasks (assisting with online marketing and/or sales) and
more. As we are growing pretty rapidly, there is also a lot of room for new
initiatives. No idea is too crazy for us.

Curious to see what our days look like?

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