Media & Branding

The Media & Branding committee develops the marketing strategy of the MAA and introduces creative ways to bring the MAA to the attention of students and for the overall promotion of the association. Thereby this committee is a place for creative, ambitious media enthusiasts, because they are not only thinking up but also creating the content. The members of this committee are responsible for all the pictorial material on our several Social Media and YouTube accounts. Also the textual expressions are made up by this committee, among others they write our blogs and help develop our website.

The committee exists of 6 members:

  • The Chairman leads the committee by leading the meetings, posting the content and ensuring that the planning in followed. The chairman is also the one that the committee members go to when there are issues.
  • The Chief Visual Marketeers are the ones responsible for the online visual content of the MAA. Here you can think of the visuals for the social media posts, the pictures and videos that are taken during events, and also the editing of all the pictures and videos.
  • The Chief Digital Marketeers take all the textual marketing on them. For instance, all the copy writing and blogs are written by these marketeers. They are also responsible for the texts on the website and the improvement of the MAA’s SEO and online visibility.
  • The Allrounder. During our events we need to make sure that all is planned and that everyone in the committee knows where they are needed. The Chief Event Manager is the one that ensures this by making a planning and by following this planning strictly. Another responsibility of the Chief Event Manager is helping organize the Active Members Day and to help with organizing goodies for the themed Monthly Drinks. Additionally, is the Chief Event Manager the allrounder who helps the other committee members when they have a lot of work to do.

Meet the committee!


“Manage the strategy in a team full of creative people.”

2 x Chief Online Marketeer

“Responsible for all communications on our social media channels.”

Chief Offline Marketeer

“Responsible for all communications through our offline channels, such as posters and banners. .”

Chief Digital Marketeer

“Responsible for our communication through our website and direct mailing.”


“Plan and manage all the footage of the MAA events.”