General Information


What does joining a committee entail?

Joining a committee means that you will become an active member. You will for instance help with organizing one of the various events the MAA has to offer. Joining a committee gives you the opportunity to develop your skills, to expand your professional network, and to upgrade your resume. A win-win situation. We are looking for ambitious and enthusiastic students in the final stage of their studies (3rd year bachelor or (pre-) master) who would like to apply their knowledge gained in class to real-time situations. An interest in Marketing, Consultancy, Management, and / or Communication is not a must, but will definitely help.

Time Management 

Joining a committee will require some of your spare time. You will have to be present at weekly meetings with your committee and carry out the tasks that are assigned to you or that are part of your position. On average, a committee will take up 6 to 8 hours per week. However, this varies per position and committee.


Do you want to apply for a committee? You can apply by filling out this form!
*Please note that you need to be a member of the MAA to apply for a committee. If you are not a member yet, please sign up here first.
In order to apply we would like to receive your resume and a short motivation. Please indicate which committee(s) you would like to apply for, and also which position you would like to fulfill. Subsequently we will invite you for an interview with the career officer and the committee coordinator, to see which position and committee suits you best.


Within each committee, there are different roles to fulfill. Not every committee is structured the same way, but the most common roles are described below.


In this role you lead the committee and support its members. You are the link between the board and the committee. You have the responsibility to make sure that the committee is working toward the right direction, and to accomplish its goals in time.

Responsibilities of the chairman are:

– Planning meetings, creating the agenda for these meeting, and leading them.
– Tracking the other committee members’ progress, and ensuring they keep on the right track to complete their tasks in time.
– Maintaining contact with the board (committee coordinator) to discuss progress and other problems that were encountered.

As a chairman you have leadership and communicative skills. You are a great team player and are pro-active.


In this dual role, you are an all-rounder who likes to be part of every aspect in the process. The Vice-chairman is responsible for taking notes during the meeting, but you also know everything that is going on in the committee. Hence, for you it is easy to provide support when needed. As a Vice-chairman you are responsible for the financial flow within the committee.

Responsibilities in this role are:

– Taking notes during the meetings.
– Supporting other members in need.
– Tracking the financial out- and inflows.

As a Vice-chairman you are punctual, organized and have excellent communicative skills.


In the position of Sales you are the link between the MAA and the business world. Your job is to acquire companies to participate in your event or have them sponsor it. It is your responsibility to convince the companies to participate, which will make your event a success.

Responsibilities of Sales:

– Acquiring new companies (cold acquisition).
– Relationship management with companies we previously worked with/partners.
– Discussing the possible companies and leads with the MAA External Affairs.
– Being the point of contact for companies during your event.

As Sales you are result-oriented, professional, and a go-getter. You do not back down for negotiating the best price.


As a marketer it is your responsibility that the MAA members and other students at the VU and UvA, are aware of your event. You are the creative brain within the committee, and eager to use this to promote your event. Photoshop/InDesign skills are preferable for this job, but certainly not a must.

Responsibilities of a marketer:

– Creating a promotion plan.
– Coordinating marketing activities.
– Designing and printing promotion material.
– Social Media promotion.

As a marketer you are pro-active and have communicative skills, but even more important is that you are creative and not afraid to actively promote your event to others students.

Event Manager

As an Event Manager you are responsible for everything during the event. This means that you will arrange a location for the event, and all the other logistics on D-Day. The word ‘stress’ does not exist in your vocabulary.

Responsibilities of the Event Manager:

– Arranging location and catering.
– Hosting the event.
– Writing a script.
– Being the contact person during the event.

An Event Manager has good organizational skills, and can easily plan ahead. He or she is proactive and stress-resistant.