With over 800 members, the MAA is the career association for all students with an interest in marketing, communication, consultancy and / or management that study at the Vrije Universiteit (VU), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) or Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

The MAA specifically aims at students who are in the final phase of their studies, i.e. 3rd year bachelor, pre-master and master students. The majority of the members are students in either MSc in Business studies or in Marketing, however students from disciplines such as Communication sciences, Finance or even Political sciences also join the MAA. Regardless of their studies, they all have in common that they have a commercial interest and that they are motivated to develop themselves.

The goal of the MAA is to connect these ambitious students with inspiring companies. In this way students get the chance to orientate themselves in the labour market.

At the same time, companies are provided with plenty of opportunities to attract and connect with potential employees. However, since needs differs, not one partnership is the same. Whether companies would like to promote their traineeship, want students to become more aware of them as an employer or want to experience what Generation Y young professionals are looking for; all is offered by the MAA.

Are you interested in a collaboration with the MAA?

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