Why To Do A Board Year?

4 Reasons to do a board year!

1. Developing yourself
It may sound like a cliche, but well cliches are based on some truth. Of course your book knowledge is important, gaining a degree in a specific subject or direction is the base of your career. But really managing and coordinating people is not what you can learn out of a book. These are skills that you will learn during your board year and this will benefit you the rest of your life. Thereby comes that you learn how to deal with responsibilities, deadlines and working in groups. You do not only learn particular skills but most importantly you learn about yourself. How do you function in a group, what role do you take and what are your own qualities.

2. Broadening your network
Yes it is said to be important very often. A network is key to get a job, because your network can always tip you on good job offers or put in a good word for you. But also, networking can be time consuming, difficult and sometimes a little bit awkward. When doing a board year you just overcome all these difficulties. While being the board of the MAA you attend many events, drinks and are in contact with all the committees and members. You get close with your fellow board members, find new friends within the MAA members and committees and even broaden your network with companies that you meet at the events. Networking does not have to be awkward when it is basically socializing with friends that have the same interests and ambitions as you have.

3. Boosting your resume
You can be very proud of your bachelor or masters degree. Yes you have been working hard for it and you do have a lot of knowledge now about a certain topic. However, so do all your fellow students. Standing out of the crowd means that you need something extra that is also relevant. Nothing better boosts your resume than a board year! Being able to say that you have coordinated a company with over 800 members, coordinated committees and set up some incredible events, is not something that everybody has got on their resume. If you want to be one step, or five steps, ahead of the other applicants a board year is just perfect.

4. Lots of fun
Besides all the serious stuff of developing yourself, networking and preparing for the adult livelihood, doing a board year also consists of a lot of fun activities. Every month the MAA organizes drinks at our favorite pub, Bar Jones. The board also attends the Career Beyond Borders event, where you will fly to a European country with around 15 members and visit some aMAAzing companies, do some sightseeing and party the whole night for five days. And of course the board needs some rest sometimes so a great tradition is the board holiday trip. A trip for just the board members, with which you have been working really hard. A well deserved relaxing trip with your close board members.

By Jasper Wolff