When not familiar with the sector, you might not have heard of us. Hilti is a supplier of technological leading  products, software and services for the (international) construction industry. Within the 80 years of our existence we have created a strong image as a premium brand with an exceptional service. Hilti’s aim is to build a better future, and that doesn’t end with the engineering and construction projects Hilti is a  part of. Early on, Hilti made the decision that it would be an agent of positive change in the world, and Hilti lives that commitment through sustainability leadership, hands-on efforts from the Hilti team members and financial contributions, both at the global and local level.

With more than 30.000 employees all over the world, located in more than 120 countries we have a strong development culture and are an excellent place where you can work on your career.

We’ll give you everything you need to accelerate in your role, including ongoing training and lots of responsibility from the start. In return for your exceptional performance and consistent results, you’ll receive one-to-one career mentoring, as well as exciting opportunities domestically and internationally.