On Friday the 8th of March, we had the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day. Three of our consultants were invited to Feminer 2019, a dinner organized by top business women in The Netherlands. This year, the theme was #balanceforbetter. This evening, we considered the position of women in society. In today’s world, women are still under-represented in several professional branches. This was illustrated by several facts; at this very moment, there are only three women who can call themselves CEO at a listed company in the Netherlands, just 11.6% of the board members at the biggest firms in our country are female, and 16.2% of supervisory board members are female. Since five years, firms are encouraged to put more women in top jobs. This is a good start, however, we can conclude that we are still not where we would like to be. A lot of Dutch business branches are still quite conservative. Is it really necessary to introduce quotas to get more women in top positions?

A country that really stands out with regard to this topic is China. There are several ground-breaking women who populate this story. To exemplify this, it is useful to mention that China dominates the ranks of the world’s most successful women. There is arisen share of self-made women. China accounts for 63% of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, representing 20% growth compared with five years earlier. Here, 51% of positions in senior management are covered by Chinese women. This can be explained by the Age of Ambition. In the Age of Ambition, the ethos is that to get rich is glorious. This ambitious instinct is gender neutral. A tool to measure the level of gloriousness is the financial success of both their companies and themselves.

This is a great example of the changing position of women in society. Still, it seems to be urgent to promote more women to leadership positions. Earlier research had stressed the fact that a more diverse environment can lead to more innovative ideas and fosters productivity. This means creating an inclusive workplace that values individual differences. Inclusivity and diversity can be seen as the fundament of the inclusive workspace. It is crucial to give diverse voices a platform, both men and women.

The International Research Project (IRP) is aware of these imbalances and acknowledges the importance of a diverse team. We believe that diversity must be an absolute priority because a diverse team is essential for providing prospects with well-balanced (research) findings. Consequently, the IRP consists of a team of junior consultants with a multidisciplinary background. Besides that, we can proudly say that 61% of the junior consultant of the 2018/2019 project are female. Our female junior consultants had the chance to attend Feminer 2019 to learn from and talk to several hardworking women who hold a leadership position in several professional branches. The purpose of the Feminer Foundation is to contribute to a future in which the chances and opportunities regarding your career path are equal for women and men. This initiative demonstrates the rising importance of an inclusive workplace. We are very curious about what the future holds.