International Research Project

What is International Research Project?

IRP is the biggest international project in the MAA portfolio, organized and coordinated by Economic & Business students from the University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics.

The mission of the IRP is to broaden the horizons of students and increase their experience in business & consultancy by doing tailor-made research for international dutch companies in one developing country.

What exactly will student consultants do?

Student consultants that will be selected to join the IRP will be able to immerse themselves in the whole process of consultancy research:

  • Firstly, they will seek out local companies that could benefit from market expansion;
  • Secondly, they will perform desk research in Amsterdam;
  • Thirdly, they will go to the destination country for a month in July to gather actual data about the market;
  • Finally, they will present their results to the chosen companies and potentially help them with market expansion.

Our destination this year will be Vietnam!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 16 ambitious, solution-oriented students* from VU & UvA who are excellent team workers and want to develop their consulting skills.

*Master’s/pre-Master’s/last year Bachelor’s students interested in business & economics

Application requirements:

  • Send your CV and Motivation Letter
  • Participate in a group assessment
  • Attend an individual interview

Deadline for the application: 31.05.2023

Interested in joining this incredible project and gaining international experience? 

The IRP project consists of 6 board members and 18 student consultants from MAA:

1. Chairman

As chairman you are responsible for leading and coordinating the project in all areas. In short, this means that you prepare and lead meetings, set up an advisory board, and are the general point of contact for the student consultants, the MAA and third parties.

2. Treasurer

As Treasurer you are responsible for monitoring the budget, explaining expected costs and managing all income and expenditure of the project. In addition, the Treasurer is the point of contact for legal matters and is responsible for drawing up contracts and invoices.

3. Acquisition / External Relations Coordinator (2 people)

As external relations, the two of you are responsible for managing the IRP team during the acquisition process. You supervise company visits and research proposals while keeping the team motivated. This is a challenging task that requires a goal-oriented and convincing mindset.

4. Marketeer

As a marketer you are responsible for all internal and external promotion of the IRP. On the one hand, you are creatively engaged in designing posters, flyers, short videos and social posts. On the other hand, you support the acquisition process wherever possible. You are responsible for the social media channels of IRP: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

5. Communications Officer (Dutch-speaking)

As a communication officer, you are responsible for student consultants from the beginning of the project. After completing the full team, you will be in charge of training organizations from consultancy & business-oriented areas, which will help the team to develop both their soft and hard skills for better understanding and preparation for upcoming desk research. Together with the acquisition team, you will have to get in contact with other consulting companies and arrange different types of training. Knowledge of the Dutch language is mandatory.

6. Student Consultant

As a student consultant you will be responsible for contacting potential business partners, preparing desk research for chosen companies and doing field research in a previously selected developing country for one month. After coming back to Amsterdam you will finalize and conclude all your findings in a tailor-made rapport for the company and present it in front of the company.