Activity Committee

During this year we want to give our members the opportunity to organize events that match the social expectations of the members. You as an activity member get the chance to be part of a team who can decide what kind of activities the MAA has to organize for their (active) members. Examples are: karaoke night, pool nights, puw crawls or even a ski trip.

You are also responsible for organizing the events for our alumni. You can think of boat trips, high wines to connect with the former members.

For more information about alumni events, see the following pages Alumni Facebook & Alumni LinkedIn.

Meet the acitivty committee!


“Improve your leadership skills by managing a team”.


“Be responsible for the budget and the administrative tasks.”

2x Event Planner

The event planner is responsible for making sure that the activities are organized. You find new creative ideas and you are responsible for the contact with the locations.


“Ensure the best attendance with the right marketing strategy.”