30 Years of MAA

Readers, (active) members, chairmen and chairwomen, put your party hats on and get ready for your deepest inhale yet. Your party horns are about to receive the resuscitation of a lifetime. We are officially marking (and celebrating) MAA’s 30th birthday!

Thirty years ago today, a career-driven student association was born. Over time, it has become a tightly-knit, ever-growing family, currently comprising over 900 members. You should already be familiar with what the MAA does – but let me jog your memory if you’ve somehow forgotten. We are a career association bringing together companies and students who have a mutual interest in consultancy, management, marketing, and communication. We do so through the help of our committees, who bring to life the many events, workshops, and activities hosted throughout the entire year.

We particularly focus on final year bachelor’s and (pre-)master students, as they’re the ones about to reach the (dreaded) academic finish line. This is where the MAA comes in. The potential employers waiting on the other side of the finish line? We can help you get in touch with them! Ah, isn’t the MAA just wonderful; we truly do bridge the gap between your education and career.

The MAA’s impact has become substantial over the course of these past three decades. We’ve managed to travel throughout Europe and across the oceans with the help of the Careers Beyond Borders and International Research Project committees. These two committees are committed (ha!) to expanding our mind’s knowledge of the industry, while immersing us into different cultures and their customs.

We don’t always have to travel far and wide to increase our business acumen, though. Thanks to committees such as Amsterdam Commercial Night, Amsterdam Marketing Event, Amsterdam Recruitment Event, and Speeddate Event, we can flourish locally just as well! These committees have dedicated themselves to offering us countless opportunities to meet our future employees. They give us the possibility to attend companies’ insightful presentations, enjoy recruitment lunches with them, and – to ease possible tensions and have a jolly good time – accompany them for networking drinks. Oh, how I wish I had more than 10 fingers. Only then could I count on two hands the many successful employment contracts these committees have helped finalize. They have been an incredible match-making service to us all!

Committees such as the Media & Branding (M&B) committee and the Training & Development (T&D) committee are the ones who consistently help make the MAA a beautiful place. These committees work tirelessly to maintain the core of the MAA. The M&B committee encourages the flow of its members’ creative (digital) marketing juices. They’re the ones who whip up all the exciting posts you see on social media (including this one!). Pictures, text, videos, you name it – they can do it all. The T&D committee is the one armouring us with the know-how needed for our careers. With their help, we have: enhanced our SEO skills, learned the ropes of Growth Hacking, and practiced our ability to pass those pesky e-assessments encountered during the recruitment process. This is me barely scratching the surface though; they continuously up their game, revamping their training events every single year. So keep your eyes peeled!

The Amsterdam Consultancy Committee? They’re in a league of their own. They offer their committee members the possibility of gaining real life consulting experience. Students brainstorm ideas with a broad network of companies (e.g. Nestlé, Royal Flora Holland), offering solutions for possible issues these companies may be facing. You only collaborate with the best of the best as part of this committee, as their selection procedure handpicks the most suitable consultants; the ones who are ready to put their heads together and grease the wheels to corporate success.

Last but definitely not least, the committee we’re most thankful during this time of the year: the Lustrum committee! The Lustrum committee is famous for the extravagant parties they roll out on a yearly basis, and this year will be no exception. If anything, it’ll be grander than ever before! To officially commemorate how far the MAA has come, and immortalize its 30th birthday with a grand display of affection, they are throwing a fancy gala party! We invite all MAA members (and their plus-ones) to join us on the 3rd of April at one of the most exclusive venues in Amsterdam: Level Eleven! Unfortunately, the inclusive dinner + party tickets are all sold out (already!), but the party-only tickets are still available.

What’s better than 360 views overseeing Amsterdam’s canals, unlimited drinks, and spending an unforgettable evening with an aMAAzing group of people? Not much, I’ll tell you that! Don’t miss out, grab your tickets here: https://www.ma-amsterdam.nl/events/maa-lustrum-gala/. For more (up-to-date) information, you can check out the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1476077055882580/.